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DISPATCH to Copenhagen at IMO
June 23-July 23, 2011
Curated by Howie Chen and Tim Saltarell

I don't know if it makes any sense - I feel quite dizzy and a little drunk due to the blow. I will return with more info shortly...

Acconci Studio, Cory Arcangel, Matthew Brannon, Moyra Davey, Lucky DeBellevue, Cheryl Donegan, Gardar Eide Einarsson, Renee Green, Guyton\Walker, Alex Hubbard, Gareth James, JEQU, Josh Kline, Margaret Lee (w/ Josh Kline, Jared Madere, K. Mustermann), Rose Marcus, Danny McDonald, Jonas Mekas, Sam Moyer, New Humans, No Input Books, Ken Okiishi, Virginia Overton, Eileen Quinlan, Blake Rayne, Mika Tajima, Ned Vena

Forget exit narratives. Forget the other city. Forget everything. Somebody did — it is possible. A ceiling fan hit S.M. in the head over twenty years ago. The papers reported the blow had erased her memory and that her life rebooted right then and there in her kitchen. She went 2.0 they described, as if a better model had just arrived. Her family in the next room found a new version of her lying on the floor and because she had forgotten and continues to forget, S.M. is always beginning.

It happens to us sometimes. We blackout. It all comes rushing back and it’s harsh. But that’s here. If we moved this over there, we could make it new, like it has been forgotten. Make it unrecognizable and have a chance to see it from the beginning. Here we go.

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The exhibition is sponsored by the Danish Arts Council Committee for International Visual Arts.


Photos: Anders Sune Berg

McDonald, Green (foreground left, right)

JEQU, Guyton\Walker, Overton, McDonald, Donegan, Green (left to right)

McDonald, Green, Eide Einarsson (foreground left to right)

McDonald, Green, Eide Einarsson, Marcus (left to right)

Overton, Davey, McDonald, Kline (foreground left to right)

No Input Books, Debellevue, James, Arcangel, Quinlan, Lee, Kline, Moyer (left to right)

Kline, Donegan, Tajima, Guyton\Walker, Hubbard, Vena, Overton, Acconci Studio, James, No Input Books, Debellevue(foreground left to right)

Tajima, Guyton\Walker, Hubbard, Vena, Overton, Acconci Studio (foreground left to right)

Acconci Studio, No Input Books, DeBellevue, Arcangel (left to right)

McDonald, Tajima, Guyton\Walker, Hubbard, Vena (left to right)

Arcangel, Quinlan, James, Lee, Moyer, Kline (left to right)

Overton (left), Okiishi (right)

Green, Marcus, Kline, McDonald, JEQU, Guyton\Walker, Overton, Donegan, McDonald (left to right)

James, Moyer, Eide Einarsson, Green, Kline, Marcus, Guyton\Walker, McDonald, Donegan, McDonald (left to right)

Invite Image: Danny McDonald